quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

@KingLilG: 'L.A Show' 2014 #AK47Boyz Mixtape Release Party 6/21/2014 @ House Of Gods LA

@Youngrealm "Street Tales" [Official Teaser] #RazaRapNews

Youngrealm releases a teaser from a street single yet to be released titled "Street Tales". Music video will shortly follow Monday June 30,2014 with cameos from @smokemajor and @tiktakmontana, and appearances from @LAeyekon and @DJLOUS all from Los Angeles, Ca. Be on the look out from more from this artist on all social networks at @Youngrealm. 

@PnutProducer: 'Guitars & Kush' [New Beat] @Soundcloud

terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2014

@MadsTheHated: 'Hot Summer' [Official Video]

Conejo: 'Secret Society' [New Album Preview]

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Bolivian Barbie'

@RobbsTheOne: 'Hard Work Dedication' #BeyondWordz #BDubbz

@DevinDude420... Emcee, Weed Connoisseur & Helicopter Pilot: GGN

None other than Devin The Dude himself stopped by the GGN desk to smoke trees and talk shit. The Houston legend talks about his recent work, RC Helicopter hobbies, how he stays relevant, and more. He even blesses us with a classic GGN freestyle. All on this week's GGN... UBITCHU!!!

sábado, 21 de junho de 2014

@Butterflymodels "Booty Call" [2014 May Edition]

@TheCakeMagazine presents 'Jenn Morel' [Hot Ass!!!]

@KingLilG: 'Cant Relate' Feat. @SickJacken [Unreleased Version]

@YBE_LilYogi & Playboy: '0 to 100' [Remix 2014]

Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review: 'Fire Cookies' @BReal.TV

@TheCypherEffect: S3E5 Feat @OhBlimeyTheKid @LaLanaShea @MsGermFree @AshleyDominique @LegendMedusa #YouTube

@jdotodot J. Manifesto: 'Monologue' [Official Music Video]

sábado, 7 de junho de 2014

@FelonyCase "Conejo: 'Favela Dos' {Album Preview!!!] #YouMustCheck

I've been enjoyin this 'Favela Dos' album preview by Conejo 'The G Rabbit'. Lyrically i don't see another rapper active like Conejo, he's at the Top of The Game, besides of drop dope albuns he keeps a clothing line 'Bonarue Nation',  Desde Brasil we have a mad respect for Conejo and "Comando Notorious".  he knew how to capture the brazilian scenario and mix with the some OG Chicano Rap. #Salute

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Dr. Greenthumb Strain Review: 'White Fire OG' #5 @BRealTV

@TheCakeMagazine Presents Ms Azia D [Video - Bad Ass Chick!!!]

Knife: 'Die Nasty' [Video - Dope Shit!!!] #YouTube #HipHopWeekend

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@BigBoi1Hunit Laced Up Ent: 'Cali Wayz' Feat. Cricet,Gee Jo,Tee,Big Boi #Soundcloud

terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014

Jasper Loco of #CharlieRowCampo: 'All About The Money' [Music Video]

Mister Demente: 'Los Mas Firmex' Intro del album " Marihuano Con Suerte "

@DudewithNoName1: 'Lesson' [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

June 9th @PnutProducer 'ThatBusiness' Feat @GKickDoor @MoneyBackLA @RobbsTheOne #BFMGBoxer

The biggest anthem of the summer and year.

If you  have not heard Pnut beats yet make sure www.soundcloud.com/pnutproducer some dope shit there. I've been posting some of his beats, i advice you to download the mixtape "The Streets Been Waiting', tracks like 'Goodfellas' and 'Keep It Gutta Mang' Feat Alkatraz and GunzLozano are allways on my playlist's. Pnut produced brazilians rappers for LA2Texas2Brazil album in 2 tracks 'Warr' Feat RapHael and 'Shift Turn' with DJ Cuco, you can download the full album here. So stay alert, for "That Business" by PnutProducer.