segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2014

#Download now! @RealDeal015 & @TheRealOreo1 Presents #LA2Texas2Brazil

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Lil Rob: 'R.I.P.' New Album 2014

Chiko: 'Mi Varrio' Feat El Kallejero,Peewee,DeathTone #RapMexicano

@TheCypherEffect: 'S3/E1' @BLEEZIEDUB7 #Nonames @luzylives @Emcee_KRuCiAl @HideandSeekZoo @UPTOWNSWUITE

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Remedii' #YouTube

terça-feira, 18 de março de 2014

#ComingSoon @BabyBash 'Mexican Burt Reynolds' Feat #SouthParkMexican, Lucky & Ocean Veau #YouTube

@EmilioRivera48 From #SonsofAnarchy Interview @UrbanMelodyTV

Conejo: "Professional Medicine' Album Preview

Young Bandit: 'Pussy Magnetic'

@EuSouDJCuco Feat. @PnutProducer: 'Shift Turn' @PnutProducer #LA2Texas2Brazil

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Bad Lucc recalls Ice Cube & NWA's classic diss tracks @BREALTV

segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2014

@medicinegirl: "Under Covers" Feat. @eljuangotti & @domin8tor @javielopez

@Sl0wPoke361: U.O.E.N.O. #Remix Feat @Ybe_LilYogi

@Rap_Hael: 'Warr' @PnutProducer #LA2Tecas2Brazil

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Sike Dog: 'No Father' Feat Mz Lajoy #YouTube

@Butterflymodels 'Booty Call' 2014 February Edition #YouTube

@GunzLozano: 'Ruthless Forever' #Official music video

@TheCakeMagazine Presents Christie Marie #YouTube

quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014

#Download @RealDeal015 & @TheRealOreo1 presents LA2Texas2Brazil @DatPiff

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Portia'

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Heather Bianchi'

@Annimeanz: 'On My Set' Feat Big Sick and @GMalone #Download

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Sammi J' #Part 2

Big Los: 'Popcorn' Feat. Beni Blanco #New Music Video

Dr GreenThumb Strain Review: 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' @BRealTV

The 2014 BIG Industry Show & Galleria Live @BREALTV

#EvilEnterprise presents 'Instruments of Death' Coming out on #iTunes on the next march 18th

quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

#Download @RealDeal015 & @TheRealOreo1 presents... #LA2Texas2Brazil @RazaRapNews

It's on the project produced by @TheRealOreo1 with @RealDeal015. #LA2Texas2Brazil brings together artists around Los Angeles, Texas and Brazil in 2 discs set. Get it now, download links is following!