quinta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2014

@Soul Assassins Radio Presents DJ Q Bert, Fran Boogie, and Randell Ruffino of Mixcrate com

Mr. Criminal: 'Cali Never Sleeps' Feat Sara S, Crazy Boy, Maldito #Explicit

Conejo: 'Comando Notorious'

Voz de Assalto: 'Assim Que Nos Fazemos' (Prod by Blood Beats)

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Heather Bianchi' @YouTube

The Smoke Box: 'Bizzy Bone' -@BREALTV

Conejo: 'Favela' Album Preview

terça-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2014

Mr. Criminal Announces New Album 'West Side Oldies'

Jasper Loco: 'I Grew Up Then I Blew Up' Feat @Oso_Vicious

@KokaneOfficial: "What It's Like To Be Me" Feat. Isaiah & Aanisah Long @YouTube

Mr.Criminal: 'Cry Babes'

El Kallejero: 'Mi Varrio' Feat.Chiko

Da Don Feat @Nomoe_LA: "On Ma Turf" @YouTube

Nipsey Hussle: 'Count Up That Loot' @Soundcloud

sábado, 11 de janeiro de 2014

@Butterflymodels: 'Vanessa Bee in the Hood'

Mac Lucci: 'Ridin' Wit The Locz' @BREALTV

@Echosworld TV on the set of The Game 'Same Hoes' Music Video

Conejo: 'Dealers of Death' Feat. Veneno

Selo: 'Lovin' Feat. Jasper Loco & Rigo Luna #NewSingle

Fade Dogg: 'G Code' @YouTube

sexta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2014

@SoulAssassins Radio Presents 'Van Styles' @YouTube

@YBE_LILYOGI: 'Success Brings Enemies' #NewVideo @YouTube

@UrbanMelodyProd: 'Mr Midget Loco' - Urban Melody TV @YouTube

@Slowpoke361: 'Product Of Environment' Feat. Mr Criminal @youTube

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Diana Rose'

@DollEGirlMusic: 'In Charge' @YouTube

Conejo: 'Bootleg Audio' @YouTube

@LatinThreat: 'I Aint Lyin' Feat Lucky Luciano prod by Tru 2 tha Streetz @Soundcloud

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Kathy Red' @YouTube

Dr Greenthumb Strain Review: 'Jet Fuel OG' @BREALTV