quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

#RapGame 5150 Recording Artist: @KikiSmooth signed with 5150 Recording

Fifty150 Recording Studios/Smooth Productions have agreed and Scheduled to sign recording agreement Friday September 13th 2013 in Oxnard Ca. 

About Kiki Smooth, from Compton California has gained Artist credibility among some of the West Coast OG's from his Block "Compton" for his music Writing and his ability to Flow on the Mic... He's among the rising Hip-Hop S
tars from the West Coast.

I Welcome the Official Fifty150 Recording Artist to the Fifty150 Family. Fifty150 Recordings will Manage and Network Kiki Smooth with Company Music resources and Support his Music career. I made my Decision based on Kiki's Music Talent & his Music Ability on the Mic to be Different.'

Make sure in follow Kiki Smoooth on Soundcloud! More news about Kiki Smooth music very soon!!

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