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@TheRealLilCuete: ''Do it Right' #Teaser Video directed by @MadsTheHated

@SnoopDogg & #DamFunk: 'The 7 Days of Funk' @BRealTV

Conejo: 'Call It What You Want' @YouTube

@TheRealOreo1: 'The Junkie Alley Radio' @Spreaker

Young Mex: 'Real Sureño G's' Feat. Mr Tricky & P Supremo @YouTube

@TheCakeMagazine Presents 'Jolie Dacosta' @YouTube

@Cassperloc: 'I Got That' Feat. @MopremeShakur (Pac's Brother) @Reverbnation

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@KrazyRace: 'Realizm Rekords Remix Contest! Top Ten "Krazy Race" Remixes!

Top 10 "Krazy Race" Remixes for "You Never Know"
from the Realizm Rekords Remix Contest
1. You Never Know *Remix* by PNut Producer (Winner)
2. You Never Know *Remix* by Kikko (Runner-Up)
3. You Never Know *Remix* by Ringleader Ace
4. You Never Know *Remix* by Merge
5. You Never Know *Remix* by Earplugs
6. You Never Know *Remix* by Kast N Fame
7. You Never Know *Remix* by Fatra
8. You Never Know *Remix* by Didox
9. You Never Know *Remix* by Casket
10. You Never Know *Remix* by Skeez
11. You Never Know *Remix* by RST (Skeez & RST tied for 10th place)
The Winners Remix will be released on an upcoming compilation album
called "The Relevance" in late Jan or Early Feb of 2014 on Realizm Rekords.
The other 10 Remixes will be released on a digital download mixtape
called "The Remixes II" at the end of this month along with other remixes from the Top 25.

@DirtyNapalm: 'War Metal' Prod by Napalm @Soundcloud

@TheCakeMagazine Presents @ShallonMichelle #YouTube

Conejo: 'Nowhere To Run' Feat. #TheCampain @YouTube

Dr Greenthumb Strain Review: 'Platinum Girl Scout Cookies' @BRealTV

domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

@FelonyCase: #Conejo 'The Return of Scarface' Feat. Mister D @YouTube

@Oso_Vicious: #Raw Interview E01 @YouTube

@Baldacci_SH: 'Know The Game' Dir by @Aeighty1 #YouTube

@LABATTLEGROUNDZ: #Alkatraz present Kid Da Clutch vs West Coast Dread @Youtube

Young Mex/DJ Chulo, Jay Doe OF Triple MG, MISDAMEANOR: 'Livin' Free' The #Mextape @DatPiff

@Zapatatheghost: 'A killers story' @Soundcloud

Young Realm: 'The Game' @Soundcloud

@IceDeeLombrera : "Litoral Sujo Vol 2" #Free Download @4shared

@TheRealOReo1 presents... #LA2Texas: #Free Download Vol. 1 - 4 @MediaFire #IndependentHustle

"LA2Texas" [Download]

"LA2Texas 2 The Massacre" [Download]

LA2Texas 3 Connected" [Download]

LA2Texas 4 Independent Hustle [Download]

Official Facebook page:

@PnutProducer: 'Stairway To Heaven' #Beat @Soundcloud

@KINGLILG: KILLUM #TEASER Directed by @echosworld

@CboTheMobFather #Interview IAP TV #Exclusive #WestCoastMafiaRecords

@Cecy_B: Urbano Fest #Mexico 2013/ #HustleinHeels #Tour Performance @YouTube

#OGEseTrouble: 'Where The Homies At' Feat. @Chikogms @ #YouTube #Chicano Rap

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@Real_CellyCel: 'After This' @YouTube

@L1LDebbie: 'Bitches' @YouTube

Confira o depoimento do @dexter8anjo à revista Efêmero Concreto sobre a intervenção realizada na Cracolândia

Conejo: 'Cocinero de Cristal' #NewVideo 2013

Mary Jean Says Her Favorite Position; Breast Size; Penthouse @Thisis50

@TheCypherEffect: 'S02E26' Feat @JooktheFirst @char86tribe @EyeVL @An0malyMusic @BLEEZIEDUB7 @mykeeblaza @DJ_xIsT

The Dr Greenthumb Show: #SnoopDogg talks #Tupac, #Deathrow & #DPG' @BRealTV

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@E-Hooddy: 'Hip-Hop Revolution' @YouTube

@Nomoe_LA: 'Westside Ridin' #Feat. @RobbsTheOne @UNLEASHED74 #Soundcloud

'Dr Greenthumb Strain Review' #TheCureOG @BRealTV

@KintoSol: 'Monedita de Oro' Feat.# Someone aka Maga One #VideoOficial @YouTube

Schoolboy Q talks Oxmoron, #GTA5 & smoking Backwoods #DrGreenThumbShow @BRealTV

@OGSpankyLoco: 'We On It' Feat. @TINYLOKO562 & #Dinero @DOBLEFILOENT #TheBestOfSpankyLoco @UrbanKingsTV

#MG: 'Patience' #Video @hdottydot #YouTube

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@TheRealOreo1: 'The Junkie Alley Radio Podcast' #Week2

#WBY by @Donke713 Feat. @KirkoBangz @DJMICHAELWATTS @theSwishahouse

@EuSouDJCuco: 'Banda Soul Black Brasil 'MeuLugar' @YouTube

The 562 Project: 'Part 2' Hosted by Young Realm #Download @DatPiff

@Xzibit, @B_Real & @IamDemrick!: 'Serial Killers' EPK #Download @LiveMixTapes @BRealTV

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@DirtyNapalm: 'Face Plate' Prod by #Napalm @Soundcloud

@Vallyvicious: 'Ball So Hard' #Remix [Stooki Sound x HUCCI] @Soundcloud

@IllB1ll talks new @LaCokaNostra1 #album 'Dr GreenThumb Show' @BRealTV

@MedicineGirl: 'Til I Go' H-Town Geemix Feat. Juan Gotti, Dat Boi T, Pancho V, Blaine #Preview

@MrCaponeE & #MrCriminal: 'Cutie Pie' Feat. Smokes And Cory L #OldiesForLife

@PnutProducer: 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' #Beat @Soundcloud

@sick_snakepit: 'You Ain't Even Know It' Remix #2SickEnt @YouTube

@HueroSnipes: 'Enter The Bopper' #Commercial 2013

@MissLadyPinks1: 'He's No Good' #Trailer Feat @BoxerLoko

Lil B Riff Raff Ogk #Diss 'Who Did It' by @NOMOE_LA

@WickedBabydoll_: 'Clouded Smiles' @Soundcloud

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@itsDimillio & Hot Boy Hill Feat. @LloydBanks Live #YouTube

@itsDimillio: 'Easy' #Mixtape @DatPiff

#Stalley: 'Honest Cowboy' Alife @BREALTV

@_markmorrison: 'N.A.N.G. 2.0' Feat. @Crookedintriago & Shonie

@MeekMill joins @FrenchMontana and @TheCokeBoys on "Closing Up Shop.via @2DOPEposts

Young Trav: 'Video footage Rap Freestyle' 10/20/13 @YouTube

#MrCriminal: 'New Album Announcement' Late 2013 @YouTube

@HueroSnipes: 'King Lil G aka Queen Lil Queef' @YouTube

@YoungHavok: 'Belong to Me' @Soundcloud #RazaRapNews

#YoungAnimal: 'Knock Knock' Feat. Jo Jo The Beast and @JDemonMOB #RazaRapNews

@LATINTHREAT: 'Sum Street Shyt' Feat @CertifiedOutfit @Soundcloud #RazaRapNews

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@CypressHill em #SaoPaulo + @EdiRock70 @BRealTV

O grupo californiano 'Cypress Hill', conhecido mundialmente por sucessos dos seus dois primeiros álbuns 'Cypress Hill' e 'Black Sunday', além do aclamado 'Los Grandes Exitos en Espanol' irá fazer unica apresentação em São Paulo no próximo dia 27 após dois anos, na ocasião em 2011 vieram acompanhados da banda 'Deftones'. O show será no Espaço das Américas (Rua Tagipuru 795, Barra Funda). Os ingressos já estão a venda e você pode adquiri-los através do site ou no próprio local. 

Os preços variam entre
Pista R$ 80 com carteira de estudante ou 1kg de alimento

 Pista Premium R$ 120 com carteira de estudante ou 1kg de alimento

 Camarote *Limitado R$ 180. com carteira de estudante ou 1kg de alimento - R$ 240 inteira.

Você pode seguir a página oficial do evento no Facebook

 A noite também irá contar com a apresentação do rapper Edi Rock, ícone do Rap Nacional além de 'Us Fora da Lei'.

 Mais informações:

@TheCypherEffect: Kaus / PNut SD / Plain Sight / D.Dove / Steez76D #YouTube

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#Phaze: 'LimeLight' Feat @SnoopDogg & @DazDillinger #YouTube

@LatinThreat: 'Pain & Struggle' Feat. #CharlieSanchez @Soundcloud #ThizzLatin

@SuperstarGuess: 'Cocaine Cowboys' Feat. @SONOFNORMA @RealOGKIDFROST @FHATCITY @JaimePainOrtiz #Texas2Cali

#New Mister D: 'West Coast' Feat. #NateDogg,@OGBigHutch aka Cold 187um & @Malow_Mac #YouTube

L-Boy: The Woman Beater Got Fucked Up By SouthSiders @ Las Vegas #Lowrider Super show 2013 #YouTube

@HueroSnipes: 'Lil G is a Snitch' #YouTube

@Slowpoke361: 'On My Way' Remix #Snippet Video #ComingSoon @RazaRapNews

@THEKINGDMC: 'Run DMC's Darryl "DMC" McDaniels #ComicCon 2013 @BealTV

#RapGame 5150 Recording Artist: @KikiSmooth signed with 5150 Recording

Fifty150 Recording Studios/Smooth Productions have agreed and Scheduled to sign recording agreement Friday September 13th 2013 in Oxnard Ca. 

About Kiki Smooth, from Compton California has gained Artist credibility among some of the West Coast OG's from his Block "Compton" for his music Writing and his ability to Flow on the Mic... He's among the rising Hip-Hop S
tars from the West Coast.

I Welcome the Official Fifty150 Recording Artist to the Fifty150 Family. Fifty150 Recordings will Manage and Network Kiki Smooth with Company Music resources and Support his Music career. I made my Decision based on Kiki's Music Talent & his Music Ability on the Mic to be Different.'

Make sure in follow Kiki Smoooth on Soundcloud! More news about Kiki Smooth music very soon!!

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#Conejo:'The Night Crawler' From Killer From The West #Album @UrbanKings Tv Exclusive

Dr GreenThumb Strain Review : 'Hammerhead OG' @BRealTV

@YoungHavok: 'Halfway Dead' #Free Download @MediaFire #RazaRapNews

01. Headlines
02. No Apologies
03. Feet On The Ground
04. Couple Dollars
05. Fall from Grace
06. Haunted Memories
07. A Star
08. Rap Life
09. Dont Leave Me
10. Crashing Down
11. Unfaithful Part 2
12. It's Alright
13. Keep On Song.mp3

#Download Here

@SoulAssassins #Radio presents @BRealTV #YouTube

@FelonyCase Conejo: 'Road To Destruction' From #Tombstone #New Album