quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

Tiny Loko: "Gangster Blues" #YouTube

The album set to drop November 13th on iTunes and all major digital stores. 

Album Featuring:
Dinero, A.L.T (the saint) ,Huero Snipes, Kozme, Risky, Mateo ,Tony G,
and many more..

2.Gangster Blues
3.Wouldn't Be L.A (with out mexicans) Ft. A.L.T ,Tony G
4.West Rides Ft.Dinero ,Risky , Sick Hustle
5.Got To Get' Em
6.Living That Hard Life Ft.Shifty
7.Controversy Ft.Stylie Ray
8.Move On
9.Haters Dont Stop
10.On A Fade Away Ft.Dinero ,Kozme
11.Never Trust A Bitch Ft.Teck a.k.a Komp
12.Still In The West Ft.Huero Snipes ,Dinero ,Shifty
13.Hate On Me Ft.Sick Hustle
14.Got That Medical Ft.Sick Hustle
15.Bad Intentions
17.Love Me For Me
18.I Just Want To Fuck With You Ft.Mateo
19.Dilemma Ft.Kozme
20.Tonight Ft.A.L.T ,Sick Hustle ,Tony G

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