sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

B-Naz: "Tattoo Therapy" [Download]

1. N.A.Z
2. The Anthem feat. Stutta Boii, Keno, Tha Conclusion and Dre Gilly
3. Dark Hallways feat Just
4. Til I Die
5. Tha Kite feat J.Ease, Just, Alterego and Highrisk1
6. Some Say
7. Tattoo Therapy feat Zapata the Ghost
8. Me & the Devil feat Snapps Day Sandman and Mads The Hated
9. Sharpening Blades
10 .Smoke Break 
11. Ease the Pain feat Khan of Skillful Tactics
12. Candyman feat. Alterego of Skillful Tactics
13. Salud feat Khan of Skillful Tactics
14. Crying in the Rain feat sDOTr and Keno
15. As the Henny Goes Down feat Skillful Tactics
16. (Bonus Track) Dream On

B-Naz: "Tattoo Therapy" [Download]
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