sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

GMan; "Power: A MixTape To Remember" [Download]

O rapero da área 805 GMan está lançado a mixtape "Power: A MixTape To Remeber", apresentada por DJ Roman Roxford e DFP.Neste lançamento, GMan traz nomes como Young Quicks, Delano (Hush yo Mouth Ent), Lashes, Eight-o (Cipher III), Lyric James e Rick D, para fazer o download o link segue logo abaixo da tracklist.

01. Intro
02. It's my Time Feat. Gosh (Cali Kidz) and Disk
03. In the West Coast Feat. Cali Riderz, Tragik and Young Twist
04. Come Party With Us Feat. Eighto
05. Drop Your Pants
06. Fake or Real Feat. Rick D
07. Westcoasting Feat. Lashes and Eighto
08. West Coast riderz Feat. Cali Riderz
09. Use to be Good Feat. Delano, Rick D and Young Quicks
10. Lay it Down Feat. Lyric James
11. Gotta Move On Feat. Lyric James
12. Boom Boom Feat. J-Ramz
13. Psycho Feat. Sparatic
14. When it Rains it Pours Feat. Young Quicks
15. No Replacement Feat. Eighto and Gabriel
16. Show Goes On Remix Feat. Eighto
17. Outro (Tired of Fighting)
Bonus Track. She Let Phone Ring- Baby Bust

GMan; "Power: A MixTape To Remember" [Download]  
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