terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009

Mister D; "Year Of The Gangster"

O novo album do Mister D "Year Of The Gangster" foi lançado no ultimo fim de semana,lembrando que a data oficial é 26 de maio,a tracklist do album está logo abaixo.

En Español:
El nuevo album de Mister D "Year Of The Gangster",fue lanzado en el ultimo fin de semana,pero la fecha oficial es 26 de mayo,la tracklist esta abajo:

01. Back Up In This
02. Let Me Know
03. Should've Been Mine
04. You Don't Know Me Girl
05. Don't Hate
06. Kokane
07. Get Your Grind On
08. When The Old School Plays
09. Here For You
10. We Cursed Ourselves
11. You Know I Want You
12. It's The West Side
13. Gangsters Still Get Lonely
14. Got To Keep It Real
15. We Won't Stop
16. I'll Ride For You
17. Pain On Paper
18. Somebody's Givin' It Up [REMIX]
19. Gangsters Get Lonely Too [BONUS TRACK]
20. Freaky Note [BONUS TRACK]
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